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Spiritual delight.

The hexagram deals with pleasure that is spiritually meaningful. The spiritual sentience feels its universal connections and feels pleasure when they are harmonious. Pleasure is a spiritual prize as much as it is a human one.

The spiritual sentience shares our feelings of Love so it shares in our worldly pleasures when they arouse feelings of Love in us. By enhancing our own delight or giving others pleasure we can augment the spiritual prize.

The spiritual sentience has its own pleasures, which it shares with us when we pay attention to its subtle song of universal power. Feeling its song gives us pleasure. Harmonizing our actions to its song gives spiritual delight.

Giving pleasure is itself a pleasure.

Love is a glorious pleasure made for sharing.

Share and enjoy worldly pleasure open-heartedly.

Alternatively, a delicacy of mind will allow you to enjoy spiritual pleasure.

Taking pleasure is an important activity. Don’t be distracted from attending to it. Let the answering service handle the telephone if you can afford to.

Take advantage of this time to Love.

Casting this hexagram may be an expression of thanks for one's role in an event that was appreciated spiritually.

Be careful when acting in the belief that it is for spiritual pleasure. Spiritual pleasure is of universal benefit. If your actions are harmful to anyone then your belief is misplaced.


Love pours down.

In great company for Love.

Worldly pleasure pleasing to spirit.

Acting for spiritual pleasure.

Pleasure shared.

Preparing for pleasure.