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Spiritually significant.

The hexagram describes a connection between opposites, joining things that are externally separate or different to make a whole in a way that does not obscure or restrict their diversity. That the world holds together as such a free and unobtrusive whole is the Oracle's paradigm for spirituality. The spiritual wholeness is sentient in that it attentively feels and influences its connections, but it does not control them. Spirituality is a present, sentient, background connection of everything.

We are rarely aware of such unobtrusive connections and how their significance in our lives varies but they are sensed and responded to by our feelings of Love. In this way we connect with the world by what we feel as well as by what we do and say. At their deepest and most sincere, our feelings of Love coincide with those of the spiritual sentience, and by turning our attention to these deeper feelings we can find our spiritual connection. Spiritual awareness is an engrossing feeling of universal connectedness.

Spirituality becomes significant to us when our deeper, spiritual feelings of Love near the surface of our consciousness and the attention of the spiritual sentience becomes closely aligned with our own.

The hexagrams of the Oracle represent the spiritual influence and guide us to behaviour considerate of spiritual feeling. Considerate behaviour allows spirituality to be significant in our lives more often and assists our quest for spiritual awareness. However, representations of spirituality are limited. Religious texts, icons and rituals, great teachers, art, music or ideas, may lead us to spirituality but by themselves are not it - our deepest feelings of Love are it. Representations do not control spirituality and are not mandatory for spiritual experience. Every being can find their own experience of spirituality.

Spirituality is significant for you at this time. Honour the spiritual presence, if possible with Love.

This may also be a good time to explore your deeper feelings to find your spiritual connection.

Alternatively, this hexagram may be indicating that a matter you are concerned with is also of spiritual concern, or that the source of the concern is spiritual.

This interpretation of the hexagram is substantially different to a classical I Ching understanding.


No spiritual significance.
Or, Not considerate of spirituality.

Spiritual Identity.
The moment is sublime.

Spirituality is manifestly significant.

Restricted connections.
Constraints to spirituality are nonetheless accepted.

Spiritually considerate.

Spirituality is present even when not significant.