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Consciousness, intelligence, consideration and intent.

A lively and insistent movement touches lightly and sensitively, like the wind.

Such movement is able to penetrate deeply and without impact into whatever it encounters. This is a paradigm for the ability of mind to penetrate or grasp something without affecting it. The hexagram means conscious awareness.

Moreover it means intelligence, the ability to conceptualise that which is material, organize abstraction and materialise thought. It also relates to the abstract tools of intellect such as knowledge, language and mathematics.

Mindfulness also implies a conscious consideration in one's choice of response, even as to remaining an impassive observer. Intelligence can be applied to become mindful of others and include consideration of them in one's choices.

Mindfulness can be used to plan strategically, to look ahead with wilfulness and deliberation. It means having a conscious and considered intent.

Set clear and appropriate goals for yourself. Assess your desires in the light of a considered appraisal of others and your environment.

Have clearly calculated priorities, so that you are able to recognise opportunities when they arise and act on them deliberately.

A persistent but gentle demeanour accords with considerate mindfulness.


Penetration goes too far.
Or, Cleverness is not appropriate.

Scaling the heights of intellect.
Now you can share your knowledge.
Be careful.

Cleverly done.
A clear intention is implemented.

Thinking about things again and again.
The intent is not clear.

Penetrating the mysteries.
Or, An intent becomes clearer.

Understanding takes patience.
An act of will requires a clear understanding.